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Global General Counsel provides legal services designed to suit your business. We provide in-house-counsel-style services in an outside counsel way, saving your company overhead costs and fees. Our advisors are not only excellent and experienced lawyers, they are trusted members of management teams of complex companies operating in global markets. We put your business needs first.

Are you a small or midsized company who wants an experienced “business savvy” legal expert, but not the costs of a full-time employee or pricey-law firm? Click here.

Are you a non-California or non-U.S. company building your business in California? Click here.

Are you a business looking to expand into foreign markets who wants to tap into specialized international law expertise and a network of affiliations with vetted and reputable professional service providers and business partners? Click here.

To find out more about how Global General Counsel can help your business, please click here or contact us directly.

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