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Laura A. Peter, Founder and Principal

Laura Peter is the Founder and Principal of Global General Counsel. She has a long history counseling startups and mid-sized companies in the Silicon Valley and around the world, where she has counseled private and publicly-traded companies on worldwide legal matters, including commercial transactions, intellectual property, licenses, litigation, and regulatory compliance.

She is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patent Bar, and is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales.

Laura Peter graduated with an engineering degree from Cornell University. Interested in the intersection between policy and technology, she pursued a degree in public policy studies at the University of Chicago where the free-market views of Milton Friedman and his colleagues helped shape her views. She went to law school at Santa Clara University. In her last year of law school and several years thereafter, Laura Peter ran a 280-acre commercial vineyard in Monterey County where she learned about many issues of deep concern to our farming communities, including labor issues, water rights issues and environmental issues. She then attended King’s College, University of London where she received an LL.M. in international business law, and also became published internationally for her work in the area of artist’s rights in motion pictures.

Laura Peter returned to the United States to work in the law firm of Townsend & Townsend and Crew in San Francisco. Later, Laura Peter moved to work as in-house counsel in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom where new technology and law where on a revolutionary frontier. She worked as Associate General Counsel for Foundry Networks (now Brocade) where she built their intellectual property portfolio from the ground up, and fended off quite a few revenue generating arms of large companies seeking patent license revenue unjustifiably. She has managed the overseas subsidiaries of all of the companies she has worked for, as well as joint ventures in Japan and London.

Ultimately, she became general counsel of a publicly-traded company, Immersion Corporation. While at Immersion, Laura Peter successfully defended the company's assets against a multi-billion dollar conglomerate stealing its technology, and winning an $82.5 million verdict for Immersion.

In 2010, Laura Peter ran for State Assembly in California under a pro-business platform with an emphasis on bringing new business and jobs to California. Although her bid was not victorious, Laura Peter received the highest percentage of the vote for a non-political professional in nearly 15 years.

Laura Peter is now with Global General Counsel, where she regularly works with smaller companies and international companies, and helps them build and protect the assets of their businesses.

For more information on Laura Peter, please see her professional resume.

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