Here is what some of our clients say:

"I had the pleasure of working with Laura while we were both with InsWeb Corporation which was then headquartered in Redwood City, California. She is smart, conscientious and fair, yet tough. If she is in charge of a project, it will get done on time and in an exceptionally competent manner. I was a partner in a large law firm for 15 years and she is as good a lawyer as I have ever worked with."

- Robert E. Woods, SVP & General Counsel, Analysts International Corporation

"I worked closely with Laura for almost four years in my role as Immersion's VP Corporate Strategy and later as Immersion's VP/GM of the Mobility Group. During this time, we signed major license agreements with global handset suppliers, formed OEM relationships and joint ventures in the US, Europe, and Asia, and opened field offices in Seoul and Helsinki. Laura brought us a broad and deep knowledge of intellectual property, deal structure, licensing alternatives, and international law, and served as a trusted partner to me and the other members of my business unit. She worked tirelessly to help us achieve our business objectives while at the same time protecting Immersion's strategic interests and managing risk. Laura is the consummate general counsel who also understands technology and always brings a can-do attitude to the table. I enjoyed working with Laura and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

- Mark Belinsky, Vice President & General Manager, Mobility Group, Immersion Corporation

"Laura Peter is exceptionally gifted as a lawyer and has an outstanding talent in analyzing and clearly describing complex legal problems: Her essay Economic and Moral Rights under U.S. Copyright law on the Protection of Authors and Producers in the Motion Picture Industry is in my view the leading article in this field and ever since its publication it has been included in the University of London LL.M. course reading requirements. Laura's knowledge of United States, United Kingdom and German law gives her a unique position as a lawyer able to deal with legal and commercial problems both in the United States and Europe."

- J.A.L. Sterling, Professorial Fellow of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, a Vice-President of the British Copyright Council, consultant to Lamb Chambers, Middle Temple, London.

"I really enjoyed working with Laura at Immersion. She was the essential partner for business development team, and her solid experience and excellent leadership in legal/business negotiation saved key business deals for the company. It was an exciting experience that she and I successfully won a 9-figure business deal with a major electronics company in Japan. She is the PROFESSIONAL that I can always trust and am willing to work together. "

- Shoichi Endo, Senior Director of Asia Pacific, Immersion Corporation

"As a business development professional, Laura was a great partner from the legal team. She always maintained a can-do attitude, despite the seemingly endless list of deal breaking issues that can affect IP licensing negotiations. She was always very clear of which legal issues were really important, and which could be negotiated. She worked tirelessly to juggle a large workload, and never let me or others down. She is great at keeping a close legal eye towards any business relationship, but lets the business development and sales folk independently do their jobs."

- Greg Belaus, Sr. Director, Touch Interface Products, Immersion Corporation

"Laura was instrumental in working complex contract negotiations and ensuring that a true business relationship was created in our deals. She is excellent at crafting agreements that offer flexibility but maintain all requirements of the organization. Laura agreements were used as ongoing templates to begin negotiations and were widely agreed to as fair yet firm."

- Mark Meents, Vice President, Sales, Immersion Medical, Inc.

"Laura and I have worked together on a number of deals. I find her able to manage the details of the deal well while keeping it in the context of the company's strategic objective. She consistently maintains a focus on protecting the company's interests and has the experience to know what's important and what isn't.

- Kevin Gorey, Vice President, Corporate Development, Immersion Corporation

"Laura is amazingly balanced. She is able to deal with the most complex matters and still maintain a sense of urgency with respect to simple contractual requests. Laura always has a smile to greet you with and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Laura as she will give 150% and not leave any detail behind."

- Beri Murphy, Channel Reseller Manager, Immersion Corporation

"Laura is intelligent, responsive, agreeable to work with, with broad knowledge on legal matters and intellectual property, hard working, committed to her [clients], great team lead, with a valuable competitive sense."

- Christophe Ramstein, Chief Technology Officer, Immersion Corporation

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